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Shri Vasantrao Banduji Patil Trust’s

(Approved By: A.I.C.T.E, C.O.A, New Delhi, Affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur)

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Our Vision

Architecture and planning are the backbone of the built environment. Our institute is committed to developing the students with diverse perspectives and ideas that generate sustainable architecture concepts and innovations which led towards human sustainability on the planet earth.

Our Mission

To strive for quality architecture education by enhancing and preserving the ethical values of life and profession among the students. Our focus is to develop the concept of UASI (understanding, analyzing, synthesizing, and innovating), which is the base of quality education and a strong pillar of education in architecture. Such a concept of education leads towards the development of sensitive and responsible professionals for the society.


Our Values

Integrity-Our college conducts all its activities with the highest ethical and professional standards. Environmental Responsibility We actively promotes SU stainable design operates in the most environmentally sustainable manner possible. Inclusiveness – We acta as ‘ rassembleur’ and all our staff and program operate to create and maintain a common ground for architecture students, intern Architects, Architects practice, retired architects and professional organizations in India. Effectiveness – Our college program are established with clear and mensurable objectives that will bring benefit yo students ,enhance the performances of architecture and improve the quality of the built environment in world.